The Real Number


If you are a big fan of Taylor swift, you probably want to talk to TS and tell her how much you admire her. We all do. Getting the real number is very hard. Some people have claimed they are the real number, even the cell phone number to Taylor swift private phone. But they are fake. don't fall for it.


The Fake Number


If you come up on a website that says they have the real number to Taylor swift, they are wrong. think about it, if everyone had her phone, she would never have time to write songs or have a life.


(Eight Two Eight) Four Five Two Three Seven Six Zero


I have read some people say this is the real number, I tried it but I got some weird, so I am not sure if it’s her or not. I can't get through. See what I mean...


The Truth


Whoever tells you they have the real number to Taylor swift, its a lie. Only close friends of TS have the real number to Taylor swift. however, there are people who hack into other people's phone and get their contacts, if let’s say a close friend of TS is hacked, the hacker can probably get the number and publish it on the internet, but it won’t be for free. If you had Taylor swift phone number, what would you do?

would you share it with everyone in the internet?

or let’s say, Taylor Swift was your friend, and she gave you her number, would you publish it on the internet so everyone in the world would have her number. NO right.

I think you need to accept the fact that I cannot get the real number for Taylor swift, but she is known to visit her fans blogs. who knows, maybe someday, she will visit my blog and will reply to your questions.

what would you say to Taylor swift if you had the chance to talk to her?