Websor.com Website

I often use websor as my default Spanish dictionary because the website helps me with my homework at my school my teacher gives me alot of homework which we have to do I know there are alot of web sites out there but I prefer to be use websor. I tried their translation tool and it works well, but i have to say, i thought it would translate the whole sentence but it only does a little bit at a time, i really dont like it but my teacher likes it because i dont have to cheat. and to be honest, i think it helps me learn more.

https://www.websor.com is the website that i am talking about. Until recently, they have added the https to make the website more secured when you browse to all the words available in their dictionary. The translator tool needs a little tune up. I wrote them an email to let them know how they can make some improvements, I am still waiting for a reply. So lets see if they fix some of the features I asked for.

Overall, Websor is a pretty good website, I am still looking for another website, unless they make it better. One thing I really like is the quiz, I have taken all the quizzes except for the family quiz, that is a hard one for me, i have to study more for that quiz, but like the animals quiz, i passed it, it took me a week to get a 100% score