Its very easy to find a Mexican Food Restaurant now-a-days in the bay area. I've had my share of mexican food from California all the way to Texas. You will find the most authentic mexican food in California though. Out of thousands of mexican restaurants, I have to say that El Grullense has to be the best. Their tacos are the best. There is a little taco stand in redwood city in a gas station. When you first see this little place, its not very attractive. I have to admit that even I was skeptical about it. My first impression was not so good.

I was not impressed with the place, I didn't want to buy food from there. It wasn't until a co-worker invited me to eat some tacos. I didn't know she was going to get them from El Grullense. When she returned with the food, it smell great. The taste was excellent. I hadn't had tacos like these since my trip to Mexico City. Its been over a year now since I've discover this little treasure of food. I have to say that I haven't missed a week without visiting this little place at least once in a week. If you want to know where this little place is at here is the details:

CITY: Redwood City
Corner Streets: 5th and Spring

They have:

  • Tacos
  • Burritos
  • Sopes - Thick Fried/Grilled Tortilla with meat and vegetable toppings.
  • Quesadillas
  • Agua Fresca - Horchata, Tamarind and Jamaica