I just found out that my mother is a lesbian. At the age of 12 years old I found out that my mother was a lesbian. It was very shocking to find my mother sleeping with another woman. At an earlier age I was told by my uncle’s wife that my mother was special in that she had a small penis. Of course, at that age I couldn't comprehend what that meant, I am sure my uncle's wife said more things about my mother to describe her but I didn't understand because I was too young.

My mother liked hanging out on Hollywood boulevard, one day she brought a friend to our studio apartment. At night I heard some noises; I got up from bed and turned on the light. When the light came on, I saw my mother with another woman having sex on the floor. That moment has scarred me. I wish I had never turned on the light. From that moment on, every time I heard my mother make noises in the middle of the night I knew she was up to no good. For some reason I can't explain, my heart would start to beat very fast when she had sex. All I could do was lay on my bed and try not to hear the noises. I could cover my ears to make it stop, but I felt helpless. I wish I was grown-up so I can get out of the situation I was. I was relieved when it was all over. Every night I prayed to Jesus to help me and to help my mother. I wanted her to change. As my teenage years went by, I was ashamed of my mother. I would avoid my friends come visit me at my house for the fear that they would find out that she was a lesbian and I would be made fun of.

Years went by, at the age of 19, I was able to find a good job. I could now move out and live on my own. Except, my mother got sick from her ovaries. The doctors found cancer in her uterus and they had to perform surgery on her. She told me that after the surgery, while she was laying on her bed at the hospital, an evangelist came to visit her and tell her about Jesus. It was during this time that she received Jesus as her savior. After accepting Jesus into her heart, she promised not to go back to her lesbian ways. It’s been almost 15 years now since she welcomed Jesus into her heart.

A lot of people may say that you are borne gay and you can never be changed. But my mother is proof that with Jesus, anything is possible. I thank Jesus for saving my mother. While her path to salvation hasn't been a smooth one, she has remained strong against the evil temptations. I am proud of her.

If you are a child of a gay parent, and you want your parent to change because you know it’s against the law of God, all I can suggest is to pray for them to Jesus Christ. You can also start by talking to your parent about how you feel. At first it may be that they don't listen to you, but don't give up. Keep trying and patient. You must also have tolerance. Show support and love your parents. Unfortunately, it was too late for my mom to make it better for me. She is old now and I know deep inside her she carries this wound of pain because of all the pain she caused me when I was a child. If you are a parent, my suggestion is to talk to your kids. Talk to them about you and why you do what you do. Don't feel ashamed with your kids, for it is better that they find out about being gay than finding out from other lips. You must find courage to be honest and open about you. If you have been hiding your feelings from your child it’s probably because you don't think what you are doing is right, confess to the Lord and ask him to come into your heart and take all the evil feeling from you.

I don’t know if it would be different if I was a girl instead of a boy. But I think it’s more difficult for a boy to find that his mother is a lesbian than a girl to find out her mother is a lesbian. Just as a girl finding out her father is gay. I am not writing this short article to judge or criticize any one, but rather for the purpose of you learning from my experience.