Worried that your guy isn't in it for the long haul commitment but only the instant gratification of his mental wants right now? Here are some ways to test just what's happening in your relationship before you expend too much love and forgiveness on a cad.

Consider what he talks about with you. Is he interested in emotional discussions about feelings? Does he discuss where things are headed with the two of you? Or is he more interested in whether you've purchased new crotchless undies and if you remembered to pop into the pharmacy this morning for additional supplies?

Think about what the two of you do together. Are you spending an infinite amount of time in the boudoir? Is this balancing out with a whole lot of other activities together or is it the main (or even only) activity the two of you spend together? If it is taking up more time developing a range of interests together, then it is probable that he is only interested in your relationship for the fun

Consider if he calls without emotional demands. Is he turning up for dinner dates, for a bit of gardening, for watching a TV program together, or does he walk through the door every time and ask immediately, "So babe, are you up for it right now?". If this is a trend, you are stuck with a lad who sees you as a toy, not a real date.

Be wary of the guy who slips away early. Does he rarely or never stay the night? If so, you're one of his nightly activities, not the love of his life.

there are two things to watch out for:

1. tell him he is an idiot

2. he is only interested in your money

Open your eyes to the possibilities that you're not the only gal for this lad. Is he seeing other women? If so, he's playing the game and you're just one of the pawns. If you are gullible enough to dream he'll drop the others just for you, then you're throwing away a lot of precious time and your self-respect. How can you tell if he is with other women? Ask him and see if he is evasive. If he has trouble explaining dropped dates, his general whereabouts and makes up odd excuses, these are very telling signs, along with overt flirts with other women

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