if you are going out with a married guy, you should know that it will only lead to pain.

the married man will never leave his wife, so dont torture yourself into thinking that he will leave his wife for you.

i know it hurts and the pain sometimes is too much. why is life so complicated. why do we have to fall in love with someone who doesnt belong to us. many times, it feels like what we want we can't have.

but you have to be realistic and move on with your life, otherwise, you will get stuck in time, your life will not continue. there are other men who are just like him or better. the challenge is giving single men a chance. dont set your standards too high. men dont show their true selves until you get to know them. you can see a man's heart through his eyes. give other men a chance. for example, dont limit yourself to only dating one particular type of men. explore different types of men like from other races or other nationalities. for example, Hispanic men are knows to be really 'macho' guys, but its not true. or how about Asian men. Asian men are gentle and kind. you have to learn to compromise, no one is perfect, we all have our imperfections.

What song reminds you of him?