If you want to be able able to convert or change your video files into songs and burn them to your cd like in mp3 format the read along.

This tutorial will guide you how to:

  • how to make video files to audio files like mp3
  • how to convert video files to audio files
  • how to convert avi or wmv to mp3
  • video to audio converter
  • make mp3s from avi video files
First I have to tell you that as far as I know this will only work in your windows XP, as I have successfully perform this with windows XP. It might work with the previous versions of windows but I don't know. So lets start now..
  1. You will need to download an open source program called MediaCoder - since its open source it means that its free. I will be using version: 0.3.5 for this how-to. Download from the project page at: http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net and the download page is at: http://mediacoder.sourceforge.net/download.htm.
  2. once you have download it to your computer and installed it we are ready to go with the next step.
  3. Open MediaCoder.
  4. go to File > Add File (go to the folder where your video file is locate at, once you found it, double click on it. Once you double clicked, the file will be placed in the file list. You will see the following information about the video file such as: File Name, File Size, File Type, Full Path and Arguments
  5. On the top right hand side of MediaCoder you will see a box called: Output Folder:
    Here click on the little box with three dots [...] A new window will open, select the folder where you want the mp3 to be saved (tip: best to select the same folder where you selected the video file from previous step.
  6. Then go to Transcode > Transcode Audio Only
  7. Once it finishes transcoding your video to mp3, open your explorer to the folder where you saved the mp3 file (from step 5)
  8. Done

I hope this article has helped you.

Special thanks to Yi-Chun Huang, the creator of MediaCoder for providing this great tool for free, if you want to donate you can visit the project site which I provided on step 1.